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The city of Southport and its revitalization means that  the area is at a pivotal point in its evolution; it will be hard to beat the investment opportunity presented at LDS Vision Realty latest development Johnston Residences Gold Coast.

Experience the lights of Southport, the gateway city to the Gold Coast via the broad-water and parkland; be entertained by the vibrancy of Marinas Mirage.

Southport as the gateway city to the Gold Coast is a place of opportunities,  that over the next decade will transform into a globally recognized city while retaining its enviable lifestyle and stunning natural environment.

Jog, swim, cycle or walk along the broadwater parkland parkways and take in the spectacular water and city views. Home to fabulous summer events and concerts

There are exciting plans on the horizon for Southport and Gold Coast city’s legendary skylines and master planned communities are imbued with the same pioneering spirit the region is renowned for.

Like the  Commonwealth Games in 2018 

Extended light-rail network, creating better connectivity to the Gold Coast city, parks and retail areas. The Gold Coast has reclaimed Southport as the traditional Central Business District and already we’re seeing more interest in Southport as a significant hub for business, retail and residential development

JOHNSTON RESIDENCES GOLD COAST  consists of a 10 Townhouse mixed-use development, with state of the art Resort Facilities,  located at the upper end of Johnston Street,  Southport,  Gold Coast,  South East Queensland

10 Town Homes:

  • 4 Bedroom x 7 around the 220/240 m2
  • 3 Bedroom x 3 around the 196 m2

If you are interested and wanting to acquire  a better understanding of JRGoldCoast please click here or do not hesitate to contact me

on +61 423 856 622 or email: sales@jrgoldcoast.com.au